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Okay, but now I sleep. Reasonably happy for having cranked out that drawing and working on this outline.

We’ll see how writing this thing out goes after a snooze. :Ic

Anywho, you lot be loed and I hope you’ve a fair time of it.

I am so totally a writer, guys. (Think I got the outline churned out.)

Also geez, gettin’ woozy. I might do the drafting after I get some sleep.

Bill? Will there be Bill? There should be Bill. I like Bill.

I don’t think so in this fic at least.

To bring you to speed, the AU is where Dipper’s a revenant. Bill is likely to harass him during other moments though.

supernaturalcakes replied to your post: “Look at you, you like like a vampire! And not the hot kind!” That’s…”:
You’re watching Sock Opera -heavy breathing-

Hehehe. Well this whole dark!fic basically branches off from that episode.


Everyone likes to use the “fuck all of you! You dont even exist! We’re all just a figment of my cock’s imagination!” line to summarize john’s personality

But in contex, john is making a joke about how big his dick in order to make the people around him laugh because they all just saw a guy get shot in the head and had to help burn his body and theyre all a little fuckin traumatized right now

Which says even MORE about john’s characterization than the line itself

"Look at you, you like like a vampire! And not the hot kind!"

That’s gon’ be a funny aneurysm moment.


Much appreciated. I just. Wow. The dichotomies that are going to happen are gon’ be p stark after a point.

Gawd rewatching Sock Opera with what I hAVE IN MIND HURTS.

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